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Green Waves is an upcoming Landscaping Company with commitment to Quality, Integrity, Design and Service. The driving force behind the creation of Green Waves was the desire to provide superior commercial and residential Landscaping services for customers who want the absolute best in Garden appearance and Greenery.

Green Waves is an initiative of Paws Pestaways Pvt Ltd., our parent Company established in the year 1957 in providing Professional Pest Control Services.


Together with our clients and our suppliers Green Waves Strives To create innovative and rewarding outdoor environments where people are encouraged and relaxed while interacting with the natural and built environment.

We believe that each property presents a unique opportunity to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and fully engaging the senses while improving the quality of the environment of each land.


To create a service based Company whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectation by serving them well and enjoying . The satisfaction and happiness from each project which become constant source of inspiration for us, our success we believe is build upon lasting clients relationship.